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The faster a water damaged device gets to us the better, don't wait, come in now.
Device Savers Handheld Devices Diagnostic


Our water damage diagnostic is a extensive and thorough cleaning of the devices motherboard itself and all other components. After all the water is out and everything is clean. We begin testing the device for any failed components, like charge ports or cameras, etc. After we have completed our diagnostic we will know if it can be successfully fixed or if its time to move on to a new device. Due to the nature of water damage, no water damage repairs can be guaranteed.When a device gets wet, just like any other metal when it gets wet, It begins to corrode. Corrosion after time will damage small internal components and the device will begin to fail. If your device got wet and is working, it is only a matter of time before it begins to have issues. Save yourself money by getting to a Device Savers near you and have it serviced today.